Predict My Step Score

Fill out the information below and we will predict your score.

Start by selecting your exam, type in your score (or your percentage correct) and how many days before your exam you completed the exam/qbank. You need to submit at least 2 exams!

How accurate is my estimate?

We provide a best guess and a confidence interval. If you have a bad test you'll be at the lower end of that range and if you have a good test you'll be at the upper end of the range. You have a 95% chance of falling within your confidence interval

How does this work?

We've gathered data from almost every,, and post and compiled them into one giant algorithm to help you correlate clinically your practice scores and your acutal score. Plus we use data contributed from students like you!

How can I contribute?

The easiest way to contribute is to just submit your information above. We've included an option to submit your actual Step score if you already know it.

Why did you make this site?

Studying for Step is hard enough without constantly trying to figure out if you are improving or if one of the practice tests you took was really predictive. We ended up building this to help out of ourselves and our friends and have now decided to release it publicly.

Current score correlations/conversions we provide: NBME score correlation, UWORLD score correlation, USMLE Step 1 Score predictor, USMLE Step 2 CK Score predictor, USMLE Step 3 Score predictor, NBME Score predictions, AMBOSS score correlation, Free 120 score correlation

Predict My Step Score Version 2 is on its way! Need Your Feedback!

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